KITKAT MINI STRAWBERRY 12pc キットカットミニ ストロベリー 12枚


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Mini Kitkat with sophisticated taste of strawberry by including the strawberry juice powder inside, which makes it qualitatively more outstanding. The taste is superb mixture of fresh sourness and elegant sweetness.

Serving Guide

Store them in a cool place (below 28℃) with low humidity.


Chocolate, Wheat [Wheat], Sugar, Vegetable oil, Lactose, Yeast, Cocoa powder, Chocolate liquor, Cocoa butter, Emulsifying agent, Colour, Leavening agent, Spice, Baking soda, Strawberry juice powder, salt, Dried strawberry, Whole milk powder [Milk], Biscuits, Soy food [SOY]


Amount Per Serving 

Calories 65kcal
Calories from fat 4.0kcal
Sodium 18mg
Total Carbohydrate 6.8g 
Protein 0.40g