AKAI KITSUNE DRIED TOFU UDON 94g x 3pc 赤いきつね 94g x 3個セット


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Japan made Dried Tofu Udon from Maruchan. The direct English translation of this product is "Red Fox" derived from red package and Abura Age Dried Tofu , which is also referred as "Fox" in Japanese. It is so popular that the most of the Japanese know about this product. 

Serving Guide

Cooking instruction:

  1. Open the lid halfway through to take out sachets.
  2. Put powder soup in the cup and add boiling water up to the line inside. Then leave it for 5 min. Please be careful as the cup will become very hot!
  3. Enjoy your delicious Kitsune Udon!! 


Wheat flour, Palm oil, Seasoned fried soybean curd (Wheat, Soybeans [SOY], Flavour enhancer: E621, Colour: E150A), Potato starch, Modified starch (Tapioca, Potato, Modified starch: E1420), Salt, Soy sauce powder (Salt, Dextrin, Soybeans, Wheat, Water), Flavour enhancers: E621, E631, E627), Dried bonito powder [FISH], Sodium phosphate, Calcium carbonate, Kelp powder, Hydrolysed protein (Wheat, Soybeans), Red pepper, Colour: E150A, Dried green onion, Wheat protein, Emulsifier: E322 (Soybeans), Sugar, Alginic acid, Antioxidant: E306, Pectin, Rice bran oil, Egg white [EGG] 



Amount Per 100g

Energy 449kcal
Fat 21g
-of which saturates 10g
Carbohydrate 54g
-of which sugars 4.6g
Protein 11g
Salt 6.3g