MOCHI STICKY RICE GANACHE CHOCOLATE 8pcs Pack of 2 もちもちショコラ ガナシュ チョコレート 8pcs 2個セット

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Japanese traditional sweets, Mochi, sticky rice covers chocolate inside to deliver unique texture. 

Serving Guide

8 pieces are placed in two separate containers.
A little fork is also included!


Maltose, Syrup, Rice flour, Sugar, Vegetable oil, Lactose [MILK], Cream [MILK], Chocolate liquor, Cocoa powder, Dextrin, Liquor


Amount Per Serving (1box: 87g) 

Calories 335kcal
Total Fat 11.1g
Salt equivalent 0.08g
Total Carbohydrate 56.3g
Protein 3.7g