YAN YAN DIPPING STICKS BANANA CHOCO 44g ヤンヤン ディッピングチョコ バナナチョコ味


  • £1.90


Double Cream Chocolate and Banana tasty snack containing crunchy biscuit sticks, perfect for dipping into a choice of either chocolate or banana cream dip. The cup is divided into three compartments, one containing the crispy biscuit sticks and the other two containing the creamy dips.

A delightful double combination to just dip and enjoy!

Serving Guide

There is a bit of DIY spirit involved where you dip the sticks into the cream yourself. A bit like making your own Pocky!

Why not share with a friend? grapb a stick, I dip, you dip, we dip. You can double dip all you want!